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We are Back! – Voltámos!

April 2010


After six years being closed, one of the most beautiful Portuguese city camping is reopen. Enjoy the lovely gardens, sun and shades during your stay at this nine centuries old Templar Town.

Please help us spreading the word. Share with your friends. As our number of visitors grow, we will invest on better services for you.

As a treat for our guests, you benefit a “get two for the price one” offer on the cinema. Ask on the counter for details and voucher.

Feel free to comment and send suggestions to

[clique para texto em português…]
Bem vindo!

Após estarmos encerrados durante 6 anos, reabriu um dos parques mais verde e mais belo de Portugal. Venha disfrutar do sol e da sombra nesta cidade que comemora 850 anos da construção do castelo.

Ajude-nos a divulgar a nossa reabertura. Divulge com os seus amigos. Com o crescimento do número de campistas, poderemos investir em mais e melhores serviços.

Como oferta especial, o Cine-Teatro Paraíso oferece aos campistas dois bilhetes na compra de um. Peça informações na recepção.

Convidamos sugestões e comentários para

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  1. José Vitorino permalink
    May 2010 9:10 am

    Hello pals. It’s missing a very important information: Yoy must demonstrate that the camping is in the very center of town, a text and a map. tfa

    • Tourist Office permalink*
      June 2010 6:22 pm

      Indeed, it is missing that improvement. We shall update that as soon as possible, thank you.

  2. Wolfgang Kälber permalink
    June 2010 10:51 am

    Im am very happy about your re-opening. Two times I stood in front of closed gates during the last years. Many I think never believed in this re-opening. But now it became true!
    Congratulations!!! Now you don’t even have toilets! What do you expect visitors to do?

    • Tourist Office permalink*
      June 2010 6:19 pm

      Hallo Wolfgang
      Danke für Ihre Nachricht.

      We apologise for the inconvenient regarding the toilet seats and since last week they are under renovation. It appears the contractor had not complied to the requirements of the initial seats, so they have loosen easily. Of course we have toilets, and always had. But our campers deserve the best conditions possible so we are changing them.

      Thank you for your stay and your comment. We encourage all comments, giving us chance to improve.

      Bestem Gruß.

      • Wolfgang Kälber permalink
        July 2010 11:27 am

        Please remove the last sentence of my comment with the issues about the toilets. This sentence was not written by me! Anyone must have hacked this comment. The last word I wrote was “Congratulations”. I had not been in Portugal since 2005, so how could I know anything about the details in Tomar?
        When you have removed this sententce also your response is obsolet. My only wish was to add a really positive comment!

        Many greetings from Germany

      • Tourist Office permalink*
        July 2010 10:41 am

        Thank you Wolfgang. It was very thoughtful of you to check his odd situation. Indeed we had some hacking, since the whole website was deleted some time ago. Sorry for that.

        Greetings from your Tourist Office Team in Tomar

  3. July 2010 2:41 pm

    we loved your site which is such beautiful city. The Convento is truly breathtaking. Can you please tell me if you will have free wifi this coming winter, kind regards, Gill, Scotland

    • Tourist Office permalink
      July 2010 11:17 am

      Hi Gill
      We appreciate to learn that you enjoyed your stay. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we are counting on the WIFI during this summer. It is only depending on delivery. We are expecting also delivery of a Self-service washing machine that might be useful too.

      Best regards, Tomar Tourist Office

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